The Stoned Ape Show in the Media

While I have my own podcasts, I love spreading the word and helping to break the stigmas around psychedelics, mental health, and suicide. Here are some shows I’ve had the honor to be on. Enjoy!

Anxiety Book Club Podcast with Josh Molina: Episode 42 - Psychedelics and Grief with Stuart Preston

Per Josh: “In this episode, I interview stand up comedian, dad, and psychonaut Stuart Preston about his one man show — The Stoned Ape Show — and his booklet, The Grief Trip, about the death of his son and how psychedelics have helped him to heal with loss.”

Episode 42

Where’s the Grief? with Jordon Ferber

Author and Comedian Stuart Preston

LFPWLI: Stuart Preston, Psychedelics for Healing After Losing a Child

The Learn From People Who Lived It (LFPWLI) podcast by Mathew Blades.

Available on Google Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart, and Apple.

CANVASREBEL: Meet Stuart Preston

Interview style article about Stoned Ape on CanvasRevel.

CanvasRebel article on Stuart Preston - Stoned Ape Show

The Mental Health Comedy Podcast

Stuart Preston – The Grief Trip (you’ll have to scroll or search to find the episode in this list, but there are lots of other great episodes here).


Meet Stuart Preston | Stand-up Comedian & Author

SHOUTOUT ARIZONA - Meet Stuart Preston | Stand-up Comedian & AuthorRead the Interview

HealthPath Podcast with Alex Manos

Grief and Psychedelics with Stuart Preston

Healing a Father’s Broken Heart

Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth

Soul Quest Service Fathers Day
Interview starts at 23:34

Guest Speaker: Stuart Preston
Author, Comedian, and Podcast Host
Host: Darren Wendroff
Grief is a challenging journey and there are many resources and perspectives to help you navigate it. In today’s exploration, Stuart shares how psychedelics helped him heal the grief from his son’s suicide 5 years ago. He will also cover:
• How “La Madre” helped him heal his shadow (and activate his power to change his life)
• Stuart’s favorite healing practices (and how they helped him)
• What to say (and not to say) to someone in deep grief
• and more …

Watch it on Facebook Video

Episode 180: Stuart Preston: Stoned Ape Comedy/Poignant Psychedelic Humor/The Grief Trip

Conversation with Leanne Nolan on Psychedelics and Grief

ONEConsciousness Deep Conversations Podcast

I had the honor of spending time with Jeff Krisman, talking meditation, grief, psychedelics, and Ram Dass. Audio is available on all major podcast apps, and you can stream it here.


Drive Friendly with Steve and Felecia

A radio show and podcast, we talked about breaking stigmas around grief, mental health, suicide, and psychedelics. We also talked about the release of my book, The Grief Trip

Drive Friendly with Steve and Felecia

A radio show and podcast, we talked about the Stoned Ape Show for just about the full show. Great show, great couple. Be sure to watch their other episodes as well.

Heyoka Coach Podcast – Dealing with Traumatic Loss

Deep interview with my brother the Heyoka Coach.

VoyagePhoenix with Stuart Preston

Cool interview with local magazine/blog. Discussed Stoned Ape, loss, and comedy.

VoyagePhoenix magazine, Stuart Preston

Wings With Friends

My comedy friend, Mary Upchurch, has this awesome podcast. Prior to my vegetarian days, I was a wing fanatic, having lived in Buffalo for two years. Here where I live, you can’t be Sal’s Gilbert Pizza’s wings. So, we ate at Sal’s, talked to Sal himself, and got pretty deep into comedy, loss/grief, and suicide.

FitMinute Podcast