The Grief Trip by Stuart Preston

Learning To Heal WITH Grief…and Psychedelics

100% of proceeds go straight to the Ian Preston Memorial Fund and are used to support mental health and suicide prevention.

This booklet is my (Stuart) story of learning to heal with this grief and the transformational powers of psychedelics that helped me along the way.

Here are a few excerpts from the book:

The Grief Trip by Stuart Preston“Can I find happiness in this deep well of sadness?”

“Once you find your path and get centered on it, you’ll be able to work with your grief, find happiness, and learn to heal WITH your grief.”

“It was like Dorothy’s yellow brick road but in fractal, strong-pastel bricks. Along the road, I passed through portals — next messages. I eventually landed right back where I started, after weaving my way through different planes of time and reality. But it’s important to note that I ended up back here, now.”

“Throughout my journeys, I emerged with two concurrent feelings: happiness and sadness. Contentment and grief, at the same time. In looking at that, I realized that I wasn’t trying to put grief away. I wasn’t trying to move on. Moving on. That concept feels too insulting, to my experience, to my love for my son, and to my deep respect for him. There is no moving on. But I can exist with my grief; with my memories of him. That is learning to heal WITH grief, and that is what my grief trip was really all about.”

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