The Stoned Ape Show

by Stuart Preston

The Stoned Ape Show at the Tempe Center for the Arts

”A few years ago, I set out on a psychedelic journey to find my late son. I didn’t. But, I found myself. And I reconnected with Love and Acceptance.” The Stoned Ape Show is about my experience as a Stoned Ape, enkindled by the entheogenic powers of medicines known as Psychedelics. Built around a Stand-up comedy show, this straight talk presentation will help you see these ‘drugs’ as medicine and relate to my story of grief, depression, and transformation.

[Disclaimer: I do not advocate using illegal drugs. Find a safe, legal setting should you choose to do so.]

I LOVED your Stoned Ape Show last night, Stuart. You took me on a roller coaster ride of laughter, tears, learning more about your very personal journey, and of course, educating me on the benefits of psychedelics. I loved the way that you presented this information as I was totally engaged the entire time you were speaking. I wanted to learn & hear more! I definitely can see you taking this message on the road to share your story and to help people understand more about this very misunderstood and taboo topic and you do it in a fun way through comedy. Bravo…!

Now Available:

The Grief Trip by Stuart Preston

About Stuart

I am the host The Consciousness Podcast, a monthly podcast about human consciousness. I also host The Stoned Ape Reports where other Stoned Apes share their entheogenic stories.

What is the Stoned Ape Theory by Terence McKenna?

I have been entertaining audiences with Stand-up Comedy since 2014 and have been doing public speaking since 2004. Finally, I am the Secretary/Treasurer of the Complete Badass Foundation, in honor of my son, Ian.

Corporate Comedian Stuart Preston - Chandler AZ

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The Shows

Show Dates

Stay tuned! More dates coming!

Past Shows

PsyCon Las Vegas, May 11th 2023

Phoenix, March 18th 2024
Phoenix Psychedelic Society

Tempe/Phoenix, January 19th 2024
Tempe Center for the Arts

Dallas/Plano, Sept. 17th 2023
The Art Center Theater in Plano

August 28th, 2023
Burning Man Center Camp

Saguaro Man, May 2023
LED Talks
Janktown Variety Show

Tempe, April 20th 2023
The Bridge Improv Comedy Theater

March 4th, 2023 Private Event
Somewhere cool in AZ

NOVA/DC, January 7th 2023
Holiday Inn Express Lorton

Guest Speaker: Death & Dying Class, Nov 7th 2022
Glendale Community College

Denver, October 14th 2022
Inca Street Collective, 7pm

Burning Man, August 2022
Center Camp, Monday 10:15pm

Tucson, July 27th 2022
Harambe Cafe’ (Decrim Tucson)

Tempe, June 18th/19th 2022 12:30am
Full Moon Festival

Phoenix, July 10th 2022
Phoenix Psychedelic Society

Saguaro Man, May 2022
LED Talks

Tempe, April 21st 2022
The Bridge Improv Comedy Theater

Tucson, April 3rd 2022 @ 1pm
The Screening Room

Phoenix, January 3rd 2022 @ 7pm
Lacuna Kava Bar

Tempe, August 19th 2021
The Bridge Improv Comedy Theater

Virtual, August 15th 2020
Stoned Ape at the AZBWB Zoom-a-thon FUNdraiser

Chandler, January 23rd 2020

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