The Stoned Ape Theory by Terence and Dennis McKenna

The Stoned Ape Theory is first mentioned by Terence McKenna in his book, Food of the Gods, as he wrote, “Even as the nineteenth century had to come to terms with the notion of human descent from apes, we must now come to terms with the fact that those apes were stoned apes. Being stoned seems to have been our unique characteristic.”

What did he mean by Stoned? His theory is that humans evolved with the help of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms — magic mushrooms. As our ancestors gobbled up these mushrooms picked off the dung of African wild cattle, the magic kick-started their brains, dialing up their senses, turning them into better hunters and more prolific reproducers.

In my own life, I have felt like a Stoned Ape, as I evolved with the help of psilocybin and other psychedelic medicines. As I learned to heal with my grief, these medicines transformed me, turned me into a Stoned Ape.

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YouTube: Short explanation by Dennis McKenna; Longer explanation by Paul Stamets on Rogan’s podcast.