Episode 56: Microdosing Tips and Research with C.J. Spotswood, RN

In this episode, I had the honor of speaking with CJ Spotswood, also known as the EntheoNurse. CJ is a board-certified psychiatric-mental health Registered Nurse. He has worked in the medical field for nearly 20 years and practices a holistic approach in his nursing, having graduated from one of the 14 recognized holistic nursing schools in the nation. CJ was one of the original guests here on The Stoned Ape Reports, and I’m excited to have him back to discuss his new book, The Microdosing Guidebook — available now pretty much everywhere. He shares his insights into microdosing.

So, please enjoy this conversation with CJ Spotswood.

We discussed:

  1. For those who don’t know you, give us a little background on you and your support of psychedelics.
  2. Tell us about this book.
    1. Who is the book for? Approachable, easy to read; cited everything
  3. What inspired you to write it?
    1. Taraleigh Weathers, Microdosing Coach
    2. Fadiman
    3. Michelle Janikian
  4. Do you have experience with microdosing?
  5. What exactly is a microdose?
  6. Who should consider microdosing?
  7. Why microdose?
  8. How often should somebody do a microdosing regimen?
    1. Fadiman protocol
    2. Once every month
  9. We typically hear of microdosing with psilocybin mushrooms. Can other psychedelics be microdosed?
  10. Harm reduction/safety tips/considerations?
  11. Placebo? How to track it to see if/how it’s working?
    1. Nocebo effect, mindset
    2. Expectation bias
  12. MicroTracker App?
  13. Do people need to integrate after a microdose regimen, like they do with a macrodose?
  14. Any new research coming out that you know of?
  15. What haven’t I asked you about the book or microdosing in general?
    1. Spirit Pharmacist
    2. Also Dr. Ken Malcolm
    3. Cardiac risks
  16. How do people get the book? Contact you?

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