Episode 57: Iboga, Deep Insights and Healing with Kim

In this episode, I had the honor of speaking with my good friend and a powerhouse in this space, Kim. She discusses her experience with an Iboga retreat, and how it was like a lucid dream, allowing her to see and interact with her soul, past loved ones, and much more. She gets real with us, and I’m honored to have her back.

So, please enjoy this conversation with Kim.

We discussed:

  1. What led you to psychedelics in general?
  2. More recently, what was going on that brought you to want to do an Iboga treatment?
  3. So…why Iboga? Soul, “iboga” 7 years ago; two flood doses; journeying you; very heady; go in and find your soul; like a lucid dream; ancestors; past loved ones; speak with soul; not just for addiction; psycho-spiritual; connection to self
  4. I’ve heard…as you know..a few Ibogaine experiences and many of them include work with other psychedelics. Was that the case with you?
  5. If I think Iboga might be a good idea, should I just go to the dark web and order me up some tree bark?
  6. What else do you want to share about this or any other experience?
  7. What’s next for you? From you?
    1. Check out https://hololife.health/: “Your Guide to Safe & Effective Psychedelic-Informed Wellness”

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