Episode 54: Ibogaine, Bulimia, and Sexual Trauma with Karen O’Neel

Warning: Graphic sexual trauma content

In this episode, I had the honor of speaking with Karen O’Neel. We talked about her work with Ibogaine to help in her battle with bulimia, as well as the sexual trauma underneath that bulimia, and her continued work in helping others work through their eating disorders with the help of plant medicines. It’s a truly unique story of healing with the aid of psychedelics.

So, please enjoy this conversation with Karen.

We discussed:

  1. Let’s talk about your own experiences first. You battled bulimia for years, is that right? And then got help with Ibogaine? Other psychedelics?
    1. Was there some trauma behind the bulimia?
    2. Suicidal
    3. Tried therapies, pharmaceuticals
    4. Shame
    5. Transformational Recovery Coach (Being True to You)
    6. Two ibogaine experiences
    7. Bulimia: trauma of forced oral sex
  2. Now, you work with Ibogaine and addiction in Mexico? Tell us about that.
  3. Recommendations for somebody looking to do Ibogaine? 
  4. What else? Plants are the way!
  5. Howard Lotsof

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