Episode 52: PTSD And Life-Saving Mushrooms with Mike

In this episode, I had the honor of speaking with Mike, a combat veteran living with PTSD who credits psilocybin mushrooms for his being alive today. Now, he is a true community leader, helping other Veterans.

We discussed his journey with mushrooms, the effects on his life, as well as the amazing things he’s working on today. Mike shared a lot of great insight. 

So, please enjoy this conversation with Mike.

We discussed:

  1. What was going on in your life that you wanted help with? PTSD, Field Artillery, Infantry; Pharmaceuticals; Therapy; Suicidal ideation; 
  2. How did you come to decide to try psychedelics, psilocybin? Navy friend; 
  3. Can you share a little about an experience that really brought on some change? Showed him both military and life understandings; not a magic pill; suicidal thoughts disappeared; brought on empathy for self and others; enabled self to process feelings; “activated me” to lead the Veterans community
  4. How does the VA feel about this stuff? Practitioners are open to it but the Org isn’t; can’t even get a doctor’s referral for medical marijuana
  5. How is life different for you now? Better able to deal with low days; small business owner; grows medicinal and gourmet mushrooms; got back into ASU, business degree; certification in organic farming; local farmers market; 
  6. What do you think are the keys to working with psychedelics, for somebody in a similar situation to yours? 
  7. What other advice would you have for somebody out there considering working with psychedelics? Microdosing; It’s ceremonial; take your time; process; internalize; 
  8. Anything else?