Episode 10: LSD, Truth, Alcoholism and Depression with Daniel

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Daniel. He shared his experience in healing from alcoholism and depression with LSD and other entheogens. Please enjoy this episode with Daniel.

We discussed:

  1. Tell me a little bit about your stoned ape story…what was going on in your life — what challenges did you face — and how did psychedelics affect that? Alcohol disconnected him from life. LSD reconnected him and showed him to create a positive life. No room for alcohol anymore. Rediscovered leaves on trees. Depression and wearing all black — started wearing crazy socks. Disney tunes over angry music. Full reprogramming. Four step process for personal development: 1. Become aware of your problem; 2. Accept that you have a problem; 3. Invite change, open to change, change finds us; 4. Be grateful for the change.
  2. How have psychedelics helped you transform your life?
  3. You mentioned Can you tell us about your entheogenic experiences? Even one, or two, psychedelic experiences that ended up being transformational or taught you deep lessons?
  4. In addition to help with your alcoholism/depression, what other lessons have you learned? Or/also, what other challenges have popped up in life, and how’ve psychedelics helped you be prepared for or deal with those?
  5. Have you shared the psychedelic part of your story with family/close friends? How did they react? Stigma.
  6. Have you had to deal with the “stigma” of psychedelic use?
  7. What else do you want to share? Blog/site/charity/etc.?
  8. What inspires you these days?

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