Episode 15: Holocaust Trauma, Psilocybin and the Fight for Psychedelic Therapy with Tania de Jong

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Tania de Jong, who shared her story of trauma stemming from her family’s holocaust survival and her journey into psychedelics, as well as the amazing work she and her husband are doing in the non-profit field of psychedelic therapy.  Please enjoy this episode with Tania de Jong.

We discussed:

  1. How Tim Ferris and Michael Pollin, “The Trip…”, resonated with her; 
  2. Her family’s holocaust survival and the resulting trauma.
  3. How psychedelics raise consciousness and connect a sense of meaning and purpose
  4. How the experiences have enabled her to fulfill her potential
  5. Syrian rue tea (MAOI inhibitor) and a heroic dose of psilocybin
  6. Insight into the coronavirus and the world coming together; we’re all in this together
  7. The importance of set/setting/dose and a guide. The creation of setting with an eye mask, music, and nature
  8. You are obviously deep into promoting the benefits of psychedelic and psychedelic assisted therapy. Can you share your own experiences, your origin story, of psychedelics? (Netherlands)
  9. Were your psychedelic experiences transformative? Can you share any stories?
  10. Did you have to deal with the stigma of psychedelics after that?
  11. How did you share that experience with your friends and family?
  12. You’re a musician, a singer. Tell me about the playlists you put together. For synesthesia? For a psychedelic journey?
    1. Can we talk a bit about synesthesia? Is that related to psychedelic experiences? What kind of outcomes are you looking for there?
  13. Tell us about MMA — what is your mission?
    1. Why so passionate about this?
    2. How can we help? Donate!
  14. What are your expectations for the future of psychedelics and psychedelic therapy?
  15. What else would you like to share? (Summit)

Find her other songs on SoundCloud (Heaven on Earth)

Other info and links for Tania:

Her TED Talk.

Creativity Australia’s With One Voice, changing the world, one voice at a time and alleviating loneliness, depression and social isolation.

Mind Medicine Australia, her non-profit. a major paradigm-shifting opportunity in the treatment of mental illness. Please watch and share their 2 minute animation to find out why psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy needs to be available to those who are suffering.

Her website is www.taniadejong.com. She sings and presents keynote speeches around the world at very diverse conferences and special events on Human Intelligence 2.0. raising consciousness, entrepreneurship, creativity, disruption, innovation, social inclusion and leadership.

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Episode 15: Holocaust Trauma, Psilocybin and the Fight for Psychedelic Therapy with Tania de Jong – Psilocybin Therapy Institute
November 30, 2021 at 4:15 am

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