Episode 2: Healthy Psychedelic Experiences with The EntheoNurse, CJ Spotswood

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with C.J. Spotswood — the EntheoNurse — a board certified psychiatric-mental health Registered Nurse who works in an emergency department in central Maine. Throughout his career he has seen and worked with individuals who were having noxious psychedelic experiences. C.J. has worked in the medical field for nearly 20 years and practices a holistic approach in his nursing, having graduated from one of the 14 recognized holistic nursing schools in the nation. According to CJ, “The current pharmacological treatments for psychiatric care is [sic] merely palliative attempts to address the symptoms, they can’t actually cure anything.”

So, let’s hear what else CJ has to say about the benefits of psychelics, safe tripping, and ensuring that one is medically cleared to go on these journeys. Please enjoy this episode wtih CJ Spotswood.

We discussed:

  1. You’re a psyche nurse — aka The EntheoNurse? Tell us about that.
  2. One of your presentations is, “Managing Worst Case Scenarios in Psilocybin Use Situations.” Can you give us the highlights, warnings, etc. from that? Also, safety with psilocybin. What do you share when it comes to safety?
    1. Have a sitter
    2. Get a physical work-up
    3. Check background for schizophrenia and bi-polar
    4. Set and Setting (the Milieu)
  3. You were part of that Dosed documentary? Can you tell us about that and maybe a little bit on what you contributed?
    1. Entheogens and addiction…
    2. End of life, palliative care
  4. Can you share some stories of transformation that you’ve witnessed and/or participated in?
    1. Given your unique perspective, what do you think are the healing powers or potentials of psilocybin and other entheogens?
    2. Quantum shift, all coming together, EntheoNurse
  5. What do you see coming in the next few years when it comes to psychedelic therapies?
  6. What will you be working on in the future?
  7. Anything else? Intl Assoc. Of Psychedelic Nursing

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