Episode 3: Psychedelic Therapy and Integration with Dr. Robert Stek

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Robert Stek. Dr. Stek is a retired clinical psychologist, previously licensed in Connecticut and Saskatchewan. His Master’s thesis included analysis of data provided by Stanislav Grof when he was at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center. He received his PhD under Duncan Blewett who pioneered the use of LSD in the treatment of alcoholism in the early 1950’s. 

Dr. Stek had a lot to say about altered states of consciousness, integration and a couple transformational experiences. Please enjoy this episode with Dr. Bob Stek.

We discussed:

  1. Thank you and please tell us a little bit about your background, especially with psychedelics.
  2. You received your PhD under Duncan Blewett who was one of those who pioneered the use of LSD in the treatment of alcoholism in the early 1950’s. Do you see LSD as a viable treatment for alcoholism and other addictions?
  3. Can you share some specific examples, anonymously, about some cases where you witnessed some transformational experiences?
    1. Ayahuasca, elderly mother with brain cancer and alcoholism; mushrooms
    2. Psilocybin with mother’s pending death
    3. Hard session with unprepared session
  4. How important is set & setting in those experiences, and what should people really know about that? Set, Setting & Dosage
  5. As a therapist, what do you see as the benefits of using psychedelics as part of the therapy? William James, baby born into confusion. 
  6. An important part of the process is integration. Can you tell us about that and how you work with people to integrate their lessons? Journal. Be prepared. Voice recorder. Dream journal. Meditation. Plate stacker. 
  7. How important is that music to an experience? Helen Bonnie
  8. I know it’s a bit off topic, but I can’t let you go without asking about consciousness. What have you learned from psychedelics about human consciousness? 
  9. I know you’re retired — congratulations. In retirement, what will you be working on or watching in the future around psychedelic therapies?
  10. Anything else? 
  11. Thank you for contributing to The Stoned Ape Reports.

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