Episode 24: with David Grillot of #ThankYouPlantMedicine

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Dave Grillot, creator of the ThankYouPlantMedicine movement. Here in Phoenix, I had the honor of hosting the thankyouplantmedicine event. Hearing those stories of healing partly inspired me to create this podcast. Dave is a beautiful soul and a real leader in the community. He shares the story of his first psychedelic journey at the birthplace of the Inca, the genesis of the thankyouplantmedicine movement, and so much more. So please enjoy this episode, with Dave.

We discussed:

Non-violent communication; spirituality; leadership; conflict mediation;

Thank You Plant Medicine

Backpacking in La Paz; inmate sold San Pedro cactus; 

Island of the Sun (Incan holy sight) on Lake Titicaca

Learned that there’s so much more than we can imagine

Mystical feeling.

Oaxaca, MX mountains: San Jose del Pacifico, mushrooms, families of 7 mushrooms; strongest

10 year hiatus

Ayahuasca, 1-½ ago; had just shut down Karma Tribe; pay it forward, gift economy social network; climb the Karmic ladder; 63 countries; closed it down; loss; identity crisis

Trusted friend to do an Ayahuasca ceremony

Extraordinary experience; intention: what can I do to bring more love and compassion and collaboration to Costa Rica? Bliss, full-body orgasm; clear light; don’t be sad; so much light, love to share; go be a leader

Transformative: delivered best public speaking performance of life; audience engaged; connected to message; 

The longest distance you’ll ever travel is from your head to your heart.

Mushrooms in the mountain didn’t kick in; sat and talked to woman who was a tax account who worked with expats; 

World Ayahuasca conference in Spain; was able to go with tax refund from her;

Did Aya every opportunity that came along; peeled away layers; shadow work; traumas; musician

Met amazing people, idols, leaders

Synchronicities started happening

Rick Doblin said to look to the gay rights movement; cultural acceptance; marches; demonstrations; legislation; asked Rick Doblin about coming out day; 

Coming out day: ThankYouPlantMedicine; tell stories of plant medicines

Let’s do it all together, power.

Coming out is where the support magic happens.

[phx coming out photo]

Personal growth, reflection; 

Discovered source of negative behaviors and feelings from childhood; 

Studies Nonviolent conflict resolution  Marshall Rosenberg, mediator; simple methodology; creates connections

Everything started to get better in life;

Started conflict mediator; becoming a major evangelist for these methods;

Focused on even bigger humanitarian projects; plant 1,000,000 trees

Entheogenic experiences don’t mean anything unless they have a positive impact on your life; how do you make the world better around you; raise human consciousness;