Episode 23: Addiction Recovery & Plant Medicine with Brian, Joe and David

In this episode, I was able to speak to three such people, who battled addiction with plant medicine in conjunction with traditional methods like the 12-step programs. They went on to help others do the same. So please enjoy these powerful stories of recovery with Brian, from MedicineBox and Joe and David from Inscape Recovery. This group was brought together by Kimberly Adams of LYT Marketing & Media LLC.

Brian’s Topics:

  • Brian’s plant medicine/recovery story
  • SSRIs & Benzos 
  • Not depending on “just plant medicine”
  • Incorporating mindfulness, nature, food
  • Routines & Rituals 

Addiction, alcoholism, protests, BLM

3-4 years into recovery, recognized benefits of cannabis

Prozac, benzos for 2 years, hated it, researched how it works

Compared to cannabis and others

Michael Hollister helped get off prozac with medicine, cannabinoid, cannabis, terpenes

Equanimity (Emerald Cup, Cannabis Competition)

Help others get off of pharmaceuticals

The non-conformist addict

12-step okay with big pharma but not plant medicine?


Ego can get in the way (Psyches, dissolution)

David’s Topics:

  • David’s plant medicine/recovery story (recap of previous episode)
  • Plant medicines and stigma in traditional recovery models

-recreational versus therapeutic use, DSM V diagnosis for hallucinogen misuse/abuse

-research and data publication (nothing was happening for nearly 60 years!!!)

-honest history of what happened in the 50s and 60s

  • Self-care plan and recovery maintenance

Anxiety and panic attacks, couldn’t go to school

Adolescent psychiatric care (benzos)

Began the drug addiction, adding opiates

Methadone, back to 12-step

Wasn’t working, looked for something new

Daily meetings

Things started to get better

Still deep trauma/emotions; panic attacks came back; head trauma

Other pharmaceuticals didn’t work, either

Ended up hooked on benzos/opiates

Serious suicide attempt

Knew prescriptions were going to be a tough road ahead

Awareness shifted (mysteriously), decided to take Ibogaine

Ibogaine opiate detox in Mexico

Ended up in after-care in Mexico for two months

Joe’s Topics:

  • Alternative recovery programs
  • Building a bridge between traditional recovery modalities and alternative ones
  • Joe’s plant medicine/recovery story

Addiction at a young age

Tried 5 “traditional” programs

Stuck. Needed something to get him out of that.

Astonishment broke him free, gave room to explore and grow

Ibogaine, Ayahuasca

Ibogaine helped with withdrawals but cravings still there

Ayahuasca really helped advance the recovery

Felt potential to experience joy in life

Saw the light side of self, opened eyes to happy life

Developed a sense of the mystical

Revealed depth of own ignorance

Advice for listeners, plant medicine?

Go to the 12-step program; build a foundation

Don’t jump right into plant medicines

Good psychotherapy

Uncover trauma with plant medicines that might’ve been at the root of addiction?


12-step (4)

Plant medicine helped wear the trauma

Re-embrace the young wounded child

Helped notice destructive patterns of behavior tied to past events, connected

“Not just plant medicine”

After-care; integration; neuroplasticity

Meditation, diet, yoga, meditation, new patterns

Creative outlets

Transpersonal psychologist

Plant medicines are one of many tools

Integrate a number of modalities


What are you up to today to help others? MedicineBox, Inscape

Inscape: personality and addiction; alternative recovery