Episode 22: Childhood Trauma, Yoga and Plant Medicine with Ti

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Ti. Ti shared her personal journey of being the daughter of Vietnamese immigrants to Australia, having to take on the mother role in her family, and dealing with the trauma that caused, eventually healing through Yoga and psychedelics. She gets real with us, so please enjoy this episode, with Ti.

We discussed:

Our essence does not change, gets revealed by the medicines

Dr. Gabor Mate, under addiction is trauma

A lot of trauma underneath

Daughter of Vietnamese refugees

Long, tough divorce

Dad gone, new-born sister, suicide attempts

Take on father role, look after mom

Tried at a young age

Finally able to open up

Broken on inside; strong on outside

Spiritual practice began with Yoga; energy changed/shifted

Suddenly a crying mess, softer, getting healthy

Became mindful, present

Started working with medicines; intentions

Medicines are like cheat codes


Easy to retraumatize yourself if you don’t prepare properly (not just with psychedelics). Build that foundation.

Have somebody with you; work with a pro

Trip sitters need to know how to do that