Episode 21: South American Plant Medicines with Katlyn

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Katlyn who shares her growing relationship with South American plant medicines and a story of accidentally taking 300 hits of LSD! We talked addiction, grief and much more. Please enjoy this episode, with Katlyn.

  • Lost mother; deaf at birth, surgeries
  • Opiates
  • Always drawn to psychedelics
  • One DMT and left opiates forever
  • Realized that she had trauma that needed to be healed
  • Painting at COSM; plants turned out to be Ayahuasca
  • 300 hits of LSD; broke through to 5th dimension for 24 hours
  • Friend invited to Peru
  • Plant dietas are either for healing body/mind/spirit or for training to become a curandero, Shamanic Training
  • Seminar about Ayahuasca
  • Lost pets, grandparents, long-term relationship
  • Friend invited to Peru, Shipibo
  • Psychedelic Club of Pittsburgh 
  • Integration as a community; didn’t want to go it alone
  • Stay open and trust the process
  • Mapacho (jungle tobacco); clears energies
  • Have an intention; may not see the fruits right away, may take years, but setting it helps, you’ll get
  • Reach out to your community of you