Episode 20: Addiction Recovery and Psilocybin with Jimmy

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Jimmy. Jimmy shared his story of decades of drug addiction, getting clean and stopping the cravings in their tracks with psilocybin. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Please enjoy this episode with Jimmy.

We discussed:

  • Alcohol and drugs started at age 10
  • Many attempts to quit; dept. of correction
  • Struggled for 30 years but really didn’t want to quit
  • Ended up homeless, in a truck
  • High for best part of 30 years
  • Experienced psychedelics as a kid, but in “abundance”
  • Facebook friends, “Trust the Process”
  • Need positive intentions to create proper mindset
  • Law of attraction, meditation
  • Universe provided
  • Went camping with mushroom tea
  • Did it in a group
  • No craving since that moment — no drinking, no drugs, nothing
  • 8-12 week regimen; 3 sessions, life turned around
  • Ego is not a bad thing; keep it in check
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Intention (journal a week or so prior); mindset; setting; dose
  • Prefer outdoor setting – backyard, mountains, desert — with shade
  • Faint soundtrack
  • Fast 24-hours prior; dehydrate initially, hydrate during, fruit starts at come-down
  • Stigma with family
  • Religious overtone with family
  • People at work enjoy it, use him as a resource
  • People need to find what works for them; psychedelic therapy has worked for him
  • What else?