Episode 19: Healing from Trauma with Jim Villarreal of Gold Cap Integration Network

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with someone who can share both sides of that — Jim Villareal. Jim is the founder of Gold Cap Integration Network, a network of practitioners who offer entheogenic support, from preparation to integration. He shares his own Stoned Ape Story of working through PTSD and alcoholism with Ayahuasca and Psilocybin, as well as great information on really benefiting from your experience. Please enjoy this episode with Jim.

Gold Cap Integration Network



We discussed:

  • Growing up in Bible belt, sour taste of religion, becoming atheist
  • Was miserable, didn’t know how to ask for help
  • DId a prayer out loud
  • Suffered trauma at work during a robbery, PTSD — an answer to prayer?
  • Out of body experience; couldn’t sleep
  • Didn’t want medicine
  • Zendo, meditation cured the PTSD
  • Ayahuasca purged rest of it, rid of alcoholism
  • Sales — big ego
  • Observing own behavior through eyes of others
  • Purged that darkness out into bucket
  • Pure consciousness, observing the creator
  • Microdose (.5g) led to being told to do 5g in the mountains of Peru
  • Sacred Valley in Andes; Mountains have spirits, Apus; got permission to be there
  • Going inside self
  • Integration
  • Go back into the trip through meditation; breathwork
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  • GoldCapIntegration.com