Episode 29: Ketamine and Consciousness with Dr. Sam Ko

My guest is Dr. Sam Ko, owner of Reset Ketamine, a ketamine infusion therapy clinic in Palm Springs CA. Dr. Ko shared his thoughts on healing through ketamine and his insight into human consciousness. Please enjoy this episode with Dr. Sam Ko.

Dr. Ko and I had a great conversation at a Psychedelic conference in 2019. We actually recorded a podcast episode…and I accidentally deleted it! So, I’m truly grateful to have him back.

And this is also the first cross-over podcast where a conversation will appear on both The Consciousness Podcast and The Stoned Ape Reports, because Ketamine has some tremendous benefits for mental health, including helping those with suicidal thoughts, which is close to my heart after losing my son to suicide.

We discussed:

  1. Dr. Ko’s practice: Reset Ketamine
  2. Ketamine treatments
  3. Prevention of suicide
  4. Dissociative experience known as “Ketamine-induced non-ordinary state of consciousness.”
  5. Near Death Experiences
  6. Accessing unconsciousness parts of the mind
  7. Default Mode Network (DMN)
  8. Consciousness
  9. Much more…