Episode 35: Finding Purpose in Life and Business with Beth Weinstein

In this episode, I had the honor of speaking with Beth Weinstein. Beth had big goals and big questions as a little girl. Later in life, she lost her father. And then some other changes came about that had her questioning what life was all about. She shares her experiences with Ayahuasca, the South American dieta, and more. It all helped her find purpose in life and in business, and now she helps others do that as well.

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Psychedelics and Business: http://psychedelicsandbusiness.com/

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Beth shared:

  1. Given hit of acid at 14
  2. Grew up in open environment in Bay Area
  3. Raves, dancing and all associated with that
  4. Remembered it being a deep, interconnected experience
  5. Studied psychology and art history
  6. Curious about neuroscience
  7. Father worked with energy industry (physics); Mom was a hippie
  8. Theoretical physics
  9. Dad died early; other life events made her ask ‘why’ about life
  10. Introduced to Burning Man in her 30s; 
  11. First Ayahuasca (ceremonial) journey; deep growth after dad’s death
  12. Marathons, ultra-marathons; trail running — you lose your mind
  13. Experienced human potential of the body after running for 7 hours
  14. Everything is pure energy; connected
  15. Taken up meditation
  16. Somatics; mindfulness; daily practice
  17. 8-9 years, deeper into the path of medicine; only ceremonial; intentional use
  18. Thought Ayahuasca would be a one-time experience; just curious
  19. Was blown away; took a year-and-a-half to integrate that experience; 
  20. Peru; Shaman; strong medicine; intention to be shown concepts of life and reality (Buddha); hard to grasp concepts
  21. That ‘never going to do it again’ attitude opened her up to the experience; was shown the illusion of reality; taken to void state of nothing-and-everything; future visions; state of the world
  22. Showed her something about her family that exposed these negative feelings; healed; heart changed
  23. Restructures DNA; heal physical pains, which are connected to emotional pain; ancestral pain (Vikings)
  24. Interconnection of the pains which are healing
  25. Business has grown; connections to others
  26. South American dieta; Life needed a change; had a visual of following the path of joy and inspiration; something shifted; followed her path (while being practical); get curious; started approaching life differently; turned to “yes” if it felt good; led her to more joy and success than any other manner
  27. Psychedelics and the path to purpose
  28. Your journey becomes what you’re here to help others with
  29. Doses can get smaller once you’re connected to the medicines
  30. Now psychedelics are part of her business and she helps others
  31. Ever run while tripping
  32. What’s needed for a good experience? Mantra; intention; dose doesn’t matter; it’ll give you what you want and need; astral setting definitely affect it; mindset?; don’t need a “Shaman” but know their background; trust your intuition; go with people you trust, but know what works for a good friend may not work for you?
  33. Safety: get educated; contraindications; facilitators should ask about medical conditions; 
  34. This is not a magic pill; it won’t fix everything; there’s always work to do; integration; everyday practice; have other support other than the medicine: integration coach, life coach, healer, somatics, etc.
  35. Business coach: looking to integrate psychedelics into their work or business; integration coaches; adding microdosing; find your purpose; now is a great time to go start your business, especially if you don’t feel aligned; what are you waiting for?
  36. Two psychedelic summits (websites); conscious business
  37. Bethaweinstein.com; psychedelics….com
  38. Upcoming events in January/February; free trainings;