Episode 34: Addiction and Mystical Mushrooms with Greg Lake, Esq.

In this episode, I had the honor of speaking with Greg, who is an attorney and an author who writes about psychedelics in mental health. He shared his own personal story of overcoming addiction through the mystical powers of psilocybin. Let’s hear from Greg.  

Check out his upcoming project at entheoconnect.com.

Greg had a tremendously transformational journey with plant teachers.

We discussed:

  1. Addict for 17 years; started drugs at age 12; loves life now;
  2. Had a mystical experience; insights into his mother’s death and his addiction
  3. Once he had the mystical experience, each journey after that had that element
  4. Failed drug test on probation, detoxed in the jail holding cell
  5. 18-24 month in-patient program
  6. Downloads came back; started by psilocybin but continued during treatment
  7. Emotional intelligence
  8. Set, setting, intention can help with addiction
  9. Respect the substances (entheogens) — intention
  10. Find a community
  11. Find groups who do this as a ceremony. Proper screening. Somebody to watch over you.
  12. entheoconnect.com landing page; ceremony and retreat listing; email list; late Feb/early Mar; 
  13. Attorney in Texas
  14. Make ceremonies more accessible 
  15. Stigma
  16. Decriminalization opinion; 3-pronged front: church, ceremonial, mental health
  17. Sometimes people get an internal call to the medicine;