Episode 37: Messages From Ayahuasca with Rebecca

In this episode, I had the honor of speaking with Rebecca. She shares her story of overcoming the deep depression following the birth of her son. She did it working with Iboga, Peyote and Ayahuasca — who continues to bring her messages. So, let’s hear from Rebecca.


We discussed:

  1. Depression, a rock-bottom experience
  2. Young son, depression beyond post-partum
  3. Got so desperate, reached out in consciousness and got a response
  4. There was no remedy for depression
  5. Rejected Catholocism and spirituality
  6. Stumbled across ways out of depression
  7. Depression medications so hard to get off of
  8. Found a documentary about nutritional supplements
  9. Decided to end meds cold turkey, with certain supplements
  10. Worked with an energy healer; profound experience
  11. Did research, found shamanism
  12. Worked from state of open curiosity
  13. In research, found Iboga. Asked, “Is this for me? When will I do it?” Got a psychedelic-like visual, beautiful, followed by a serious closeup of blades of green grass. Yes, it’s for me. In the spring.
  14. Beautiful Iboga experience
  15. A lot of positive changes, major events within six months after Iboga; big change
  16. Then looked for Ayahuasca while in Mexico
  17. Couldn’t find it, but there was a reason for that
  18. Found Peyote; dark experience; helped break through barrier
  19. The answer you need is in you
  20. But there was insight waiting the next morning; started to shed layers; breaking through intellectualizing
  21. On to Ayahuasca, it was ready for her
  22. Ayahuasca (La Madre) showed up as an insect, “You’re one of us.”
  23. Demonstrated the power of the mind. Intimate, personal experiences
  24. Found purpose; shown two microphones
  25. Kept getting the same message: speak, sing
  26. Felt suppressed as a child; family dynamics
  27. Returned to bury the crystal
  28. Still getting lessons from Ayahuasca
  29. We have a responsibility to change our lives; self love; learn about ourselves
  30. We find psychedelics because we haven’t had that grounding
  31. Depression had to happen to bring her to the medicine
  32. We all experience it differently; we’re all so much more than it seems in this life; ego plays no role