Episode 38: Depression, Decriminalization and Consciousness with Kevin

In this episode, I had the honor of speaking with Kevin Matthews, a leader in the Decriminalization movement, from Denver to DC…and back. We talked about his own battle with depression as a West Point Cadet and the help he got from mushrooms. Then, we discussed decrim, consciousness, and so much more. So…let’s hear from Kevin.

  1. www.reconsider.org
  2. https://www.thespore.org/

We discussed:

  1. Tell me your psychedelic story: what, if anything, was your challenge in life before psychedelics (like depression, anxiety, suicidality, addiction, or nothing at all)? Share a bit about your psychedelic experiences, the ones that really helped you; how is life different now?
    1. Left US Military Academy due to depression (West Point)
    2. Diagnosed at Academy
    3. Formal discharge, retired by Army (2008)
    4. Felt lost, no path, floating
    5. Substance abuse: alcohol, cannabis
    6. New friends introduced psilocybin (Denver 2011); recreational; turned into therapeutic, blissful
    7. Saw life passing by
    8. Harmful self-talk; realized he was in charge, had the power to make changes
    9. Felt a sense of community with these new friends
    10. Safe, comforting setting
    11. Discovered MAPS, found the potential of psychoactive substances in a western context
    12. Found love of life; lived off the grid
    13. Experiences with the stars; the necessity of community
    14. Fell into the decriminalization campaign
    15. The lessons never stop
    16. Adopted; letter from biological mom; trauma from abandonment;
    17. Divorce when he was young
    18. Rejection from step-mom
    19. Father passed away
    20. Birth mom reached out while he was at West Point
    21. Dad was always supportive
  2. What recommendations do you have for those considering psychedelics?
    1. Integration just as important; journaling; 
    2. The medicine is in YOU; it’s not a panacea
    3. Intentions, goals offer a more profound experience
    4. Integration
  3. Have you experienced the stigma around psychedelics?
  4. What’s your advice for a good/deep/safe journey? (set/setting/dose/substance/sitter/etc.)
    1. Safe environment
  5. Consciousness…divine comedy metaphor
    1. Awareness is the utmost currency
    2. Law of attraction
    3. Where awareness goes, energy flows
    4. We have an opportunity to inform even create our reality
    5. Enteric nervous system
    6. The body as part of consciousness
  6. What else do you want to share? Do you have anything you want to promote? Maybe a little bit about your work with decrim.
    1. Mycelial leadership – decentralized
    2. Helix Consulting Group – lobbying helixgrp on FB