Episode 48: Healing With Complex Grief with Andre

In this episode, I had the honor of speaking with a friend of mine, Andre. We — unfortunately — share a similar story of loss, grief, and learning to heal with the help of psychedelics. And Andre shared some great insight here, and I really enjoyed our conversation.

We discussed:

  1. Why don’t we get right into your story of healing. Life was going along somewhat normally, and then tragedy struck. Mormon life. Alpha-1 anti-… Liver transplant. Lost son. Left church. Attempted suicide. Therapy. Depression. Anti-depressants. Cannabis introduced joy. 
  2. Then, you turned to psychedelics for healing? Had you already used psychedelics before this? How was your approach different after this tragedy? Dandelions; Baggage; Nihilism; Finding meaning and happiness; 
  3. How have psychedelics helped in your grieving process? Inner child; Hurt, anguish & pain into love
  4. For somebody out there who is grieving and curious about psychedelics, what might you tell them, what advice might you give? Phases of motivation; writing; intention; controllables; weeds of doubt; meditation; be aware; 
  5. What do you think is the key to a healing psychedelic experience? Comforting music; without lyrics
  6. What’s your view on integration? Restructuring core system; Believed that he had died
  7. How are you doing today? Lucky to be here; 
  8. What else?