Episode 12: PTSD, Abuse, Repressed Memories and Shadow Work with Robin

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Robin. Robin’s story of psychedelic healing includes PTSD, abuse, repressed memories and shadow work. Please enjoy this episode with Robin.

We discussed:

  • PTSD, abuse, repressed memories
  • Her last journey (portals, overwhelming, physically, spiritually), jealousy, somatic, shadow work (Carl Jung), younger self in field of tall grass in white dresses
  • Getting connected to younger self, then to the darkness
  • MDMA Therapy Session: playlist was faint in the background, but triggered a shift in the journey; really started to feel love; memories of abuse surfaced; arts as integration tools
  • We are the medicine, ourselves
  • Journaling led to having conversations with family
  • Use the lesson, the vision as a tool
  • Find the right person to integrate with, to share your space
  • Do the prep work (therapy, openness) that helps the medicine take you where you need to go; be open to medicine
  • Integration afterwards
  • When we take these powerful, ancient medicines, it will open things up (like drano), things that were locked up will be freed
  • Everything comes out and there’s no turning back, so be ready for it!

“I’m happier and more free and not always stuck in fight or flight and more present in my relationships!”