Episode 32: Grief, Addiction and a Psilocybin Regimen with Kim

In this episode, I had the honor of speaking with Kim. I was excited to have Kim on, as she’s a real force in the psychedelic community, including her latest venture LYT Mind, an organization created to support those working with psychedelics. She talked about addiction, grief, and a unique psilocybin regimen.   

We discussed:

  1. Let’s start with your story. What was going on in your life that brought you to the medicine?
    1. Lost mother
    2. Lost uncles to addiction
    3. Shame around alcohol; trauma
    4. Sweat lodge ceremony; Ayahuasca; 
    5. Ayahuasca experience deeply connected
    6. Hung out with God
    7. Didn’t drink for 4 months after that
    8. Ungrounded her
    9. At peace with death (grief)
    10. Mushroom regimen: 1.5-2g weekend dose, 3-4 microdoses during the week
    11. Spoke to those who
    12. Anxiety
  2. What’s the key to a good experience?
    1. Mescaline (San Pedro/Peyote) more gentle to start with
    2. We are all so different, different chemistries, individual’s experiences will vary
    3. What is underlying the fact that you called a doctor?
    4. Acetylcholine (distanced from reality); Ayahuasca elevates that and can cause a break
    5. Know what you’re getting into; know yourself
    6. Can you sit with yourself in silence, then you might be ready; if you can’t, then you may not be; you need space in your mind
  3. Tell us about the psychedelic experiences that helped turn things around.
  4. How is life different/better now as a result?
  5. What advice would you give somebody who is considering working with psychedelics? set/setting/dose/integration/harm reduction
  6. How has the stigma around these medicines affected you? Friends? Parent?
  7. Your story of addiction recovery and working with — founding — psychedelic groups has led you to starting a new venture, correct? LYT Mind?
    1. What’s the unique think about LYT Mind?
    2. What do you see happening in the addiction recovery and mental health fields in the coming years, when it comes to integration and use of psychedelics?
  8. What else?
    1. Psychedelic Societies all over the world