Episode 42: An Ayahuasca Journey of Rebirth with Tara

In this episode, I had the honor of speaking with Tara. Tara is a licensed professional counselor, who shared her Ayahuasca story of rebirth and finding joy within herself. And it wasn’t easy! … So…let’s hear from Tara.

We discussed:

  1. Licensed Professional Counselor
  2. Ayahuasca
  3. Don’t have a ton of trauma but carry emotions, empathy
  4. Divorce; ended up in bad space
  5. Noticed a change in a depressed client – ayahuasca
  6. Did research
  7. Told parents, all-female yoga retreat
  8. Went to Soul Quest; brutal experience; everyone else had loving experience; got her ass kicked; last day, belly breathing; had a sudden rush of intense “joy”; felt like giving birth; kept breathing; saw it as mom giving birth to her; freedom from mother; 
  9. “I don’t need anything outside myself.”
  10. You have to do the work
  11. Got a download
  12. Dad discovered her Ayahuasca trip; told him she wanted to come home and smoke a joint; he agreed
  13. Recommended to an integration coach; took time to break through rigid beliefs
  14. Don’t do so much research that it sets your expectations
  15. Terrifying/brutal experience; yage’ brew; male presence; metal box on the moon, represented weighing on her; mental prison; unforgiving; death and rebirth – hard night, next day rebirth;
  16. Start integration work before you start
  17. Helped her become a better therapist
  18. Understood the meaning of self-love; allow crappy feelings
  19. Learned to trust her own feelings in her work
  20. Felt braver to go deeper in session
  21. Started attracting clients on her level, more in line with her beliefs;
  22. The only regret is not doing it sooner
  23. Advice: refer them to an integration coach; not a cure-all; have to deal with stuff; accountable; integration work is critical; 
  24. Stigma: too bad that basic self-care sounds “hippie-ish”
  25. Need to be okay first before going out and helping others, writing books, etc.
  26. Research the place!