Episode 43: Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy and more with Kate Kincaid, LPC

In this episode, I had the honor of speaking with Kate Kincaid, a Licenced Professional Counselor, who offers ketamine-assisted therapy as well as integration services. Kate shares her experiences with psychedelics, starting with the Zendo Project at Burning Man, as well as a psychedelic-like, near-death experience with childbirth. It’s all about non-ordinary states of consciousness!

Kate at Psychedelic.Support, MAPS.org, Tucson Counseling Associates

We discussed:

  1. Psychedelic-assisted therapy: what is it? What does it look like?
    1. Psychedelic integration, Group, Pre- and post-ritual counseling
    2. Ketamine: bioavailability; nasal; sublingual; injection; 
    3. Ketamine assisted psychotherapy training 
    4. group Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy
    5. Maps.org: “I believe that everyone has the answers to their problems within them and given an accepting and non-judgmental environment, they can gain the courage to remember their own inherent worth and wisdom. My approach is to address the core negative self-beliefs that adversely impact one’s choices and puts strain on your relationship with yourself and others.”
    6. Default Mode Network; peace love and understanding; 
  2. Why psychedelics?
    1. Burning Man/Zendo
    2. LGBTQIA+ and psychedelics?
  3. Do people have breakthroughs w/o therapy?
    1. Connection to the undamaged core self
  4. Your own origin story…what brought you to psychedelics
  5. the commercialization and medicalization of the field
    1. Synthetics
    2. Capitalism
  6. other non-ordinary states of consciousness
    1. Click out of ordinary consciousness: meditation, breathwork, childbirth
    2. Ina May Gaskin, midwife; brain waves; set and setting of childbirth
    3. Challenging delivery; everyone has three births – the one they plan; the actual birth; and the one they tell later
    4. Near-death; fire breathing; lost blood; in/out of consciousness
    5. How close we are to death all the time
  7. Key to integration; make it real; turn the experience into real life, down to Earth; can take years, no hurry to integrate; using language too soon can limit it; use art or vision board; symbols and images instead of words; 
  8. Stigma