Episode 44: Cults, Cognitive Liberty, and Changa with Sophia

In this episode, I had the honor of speaking with Sophia. Sophia was one of my first guests, over a year ago. Back then, we discussed breaking away from a cult-like church with the aid of psychedelics, and she’s back with an update. She discusses psychedelics as a gateway drug…a gateway to other healing modalities like yoga and therapy. She also talks about cognitive liberty and much more… So…let’s hear from Sophia.

We discussed:

  1. You shared your story of a repressive…even abusive/traumatic…church. Some substance abuse. And your transformative experience with mushrooms.
  2. Integration
  3. Oppressive religions stigmatize “the body”
  4. Psychedelics as a gate to other modes of help, like therapy, yoga
  5. Cannabis helps with integration
  6. People over-romanticize psychedelics
  7. Need to integrate, or you’ll fall back into old ways
  8. Connection to the physical body
  9. Explored her relationship with cannabis to make sure it’s a healthy relationship; self-accountability; found some escapism; learned to check in with all things, examine intentions
  10. Stigma: over-culture; legality
  11. Good trip advice
  12. Help getting out of churches; digital space to connect
  13. International Cultic Studies Assoc; BIET; If you ever ask yourself, “Is this a cult?”, then it’s time to start getting answers; high-control organizations; be willing to be curious and ask questions; cognitive liberty; 
  14. Cognitive liberty lead to psychedelics
  15. Set & Setting: understand this; integration; support, start integrating before the journey; intentions – what do I want to get out of this; clean your space; do your research; know MAOIs; vet people you’re doing ceremonies with; underground can lead to more harm; test your substance
  16. Changa; Cosmic Trigger Robert A. Wilson – best book, fun read