Episode 6: Intention, Entheogens and Loss with Mike

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Mike. Later in life, Mike experienced “loss” in every sense of the word. Intentional use of entheogens helped in his healing. Please enjoy this episode with Mike.

We discussed:

  1. Thank you for joining me here on The Stoned Ape Reports. So, you came into psychedelics, like I did, at an “older” age? You had your first LSD experience at a festival…however, some things happened in our life that changed things…give us some of that background.
  2. Tried traditional therapy?
  3. What made you think LSD might help?
  4. You ended up on a retreat with the guys from Psychedelics Today…Joe and Kyle? Jamaica…which psychedelic(s)?
  5. Tell us a little about that psychedelic journey…did you have intentions?
    1. What actually happened (not a trip report)?
    2. Acting like a standup comedian?
    3. What lasting effects?
  6. You also worked with an entheotherapist. Tell us about that.
  7. So, how has this all helped with your grief and trauma?
  8. How else has it helped (drumming, reading)?
  9. As far as psychedelic transformation, what else have you experienced?
  10. What would you say is the key to having a meaningful experience?
  11. Do you share these lessons or stories with others who maybe aren’t part of the psychedelic community? Reactions?
  12. Veterans
  13. All mushrooms, mycelium