Record Your Stoned Ape Story!

Remove the Stigma!

We need to get psychedelics out of the closet. We do that by sharing our stories of transformation. These entheogens have helped us recover from addiction, survive depression, overcome anxiety, and live with grief. Or, they’ve simply helped us make our lives better. We already know this! So, help the cause and get the word out. Share your story! How have psychedelics helped you? Let us know!


Record your Stoned Ape Report below. It’s easy:

  1. Click the button below to do an easy, no-pressure recording of your report right here.
  2. I will tack on the intro and publish it.
  3. Share it with your friends!

Recording your story:

  1. You get five minutes.
  2. Practice a couple times. You can record, then start over, no problem.
  3. You can use a pseudonym for privacy (use that in the form to the right, too)
  4. Tell us about your challenge, addiction, trouble, etc. For example, “I was an alcoholic…and…” or “I suffered from deep depression…and…” or “I was looking for something more in life…and…” or whatever your Origin Story is.
  5. Give us a brief description of your Entheogenic trip. Note, this is not a “trip report”. You can share a specific trip, what it was like, etc., but we’re looking for the spiritual/transformational aspect rather than purely “cool visuals, man!”. Make sense?
  6. Tell us how you’re doing today. What’s changed. How is life better. What inspires you.
  7. Have you shared these experiences with friends & family? How did they react? Have you experienced the stigma of using psychedelics?
  8. Feel free to add on your other thoughts on the subject. What do you think the key is to a good experience? How to stay safe.
  9. Whatever else! It’s your episode!

Note: I do have the right to edit it down or remove anything that is ethically or legally challenging. Just be warned. I also have a right to refuse any submissions for any reason. But that’s just a technicality.